Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Summer of 2017 I was the Social Media and Marketing Intern at Tambourine. Tambourine is a Social Media/Marketing/Advertising Agency for Hotels and Resorts.

As an intern:

  • I developed creative content, like animations and graphics for clients social media and advertisements.

  • I planned content for hotels and improving their fan base.

  • I became experienced in Reputation Management, responding to reviews and complaints, as well as comments and questions.

  • I learned about Facebook and Instagram advertising, increasing Fan Growth, capturing emails, increasing web traffic and planning strategy for advertisements. 

Hotel Henri - New York

To the right are three graphics I designed to compliment Hotel Henri's social media. Also attached is a video to promote the address for the Hotels opening.

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Hotel Hugo - New York

Here we have three advertisements that I created to promote the atmosphere of the Hotel Hugo. All three videos appeal to different aspects that the hotel strives to advertise.

Cliffhouse Hotel - Colorado

This advertisement was a still image that I have edited into a video. Cliffhouse is known for beautiful weddings and this ad was served to recently engaged couples. 

Shem Creek Inn - South Carolina

To freshen up an advertisement for this Inn, I have taken a still image and created an animation to give it a more interesting look. 

Plunge - Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Plunge Beach hotel is all about adventure, so with it's opening this past summer, I created this ad to promote the hotel and the search for beach and sun. 

The Colony - West Palm Beach, FL

Another aspect of my internship was creating content calendars for hotels. I would design an aesthetic and find content to post on their social media. 

St. Kitt's Tourism

Not only did I design the aesthetic and find content for the social media, but I created graphics like the ones in these images to the right.