Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last summer, I was the Social Media, Marketing and Advertising Coordinator.

  • I was in charge of all Social Media accounts

  • Reputation Management

  • Official Photographer and Videographer

To the right is a simple, yet effective ad to promote a first class free for new customers. The Studio features a Glow in the Dark experience with upbeat music, something they like to show off. After filming this ad, I created a marketing strategy to target middle-aged women in the area, interested in fitness and exercise. This ad was successfully served to 14,000 people. Below is the video.

These two images are from ads that I created. The left ad is to promote starting a New Years Resolution at Cycleward Studio and the right ad is promoting their Sculpt classes, which is also a first class free deal. I photographed the Ads and chose the type/fonts. 

To the left is the Instagram account for @CyclewardStudio. My posts include shots from photo shoots that I did with the instructors, User Generated Content of clients who cycle there, and graphics that I have designed.