Fort Lauderdale, FL

In Summer of 2016 I was the Video and Live Production Intern at CBG. CBG is a hyper-creative and high energy church with many locations in South Florida.   

As an intern:

  • I created video content for the live services on the weekends.

  • I assisted in filming interviews and television cutaways.

  • I edited worship songs from the live services to be aired on the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Hillsong Channel in over 200 countries.

  • I used a c100, Sony a6000 and a6300, and a Red Scarlet to film at live events.

  • I directed over 15 live services from the Main Campus that over 10,000 attend each weekend. These are also streamed online and broadcasted to four satellite campuses.

Work - Rihanna Cover

This project was like my baby. I was given full control of this project. I designed what I wanted it to be, filmed content and created the after effects that is displayed on the back LED panels. I was also the TD for the live performance with 6 cameras. The top video is just the live performance, but watch the bottom video to see a side by side of the content I filmed and edited for the LED Screens in the background. 

Hotline Bling - Parody

This parody song was created by my team and I. We came up with the concept and emulated the original Hotline Bling Drake Music Video. I worked on lighting and ran camera.

Worship Songs - Edited

These next three videos are all examples of songs from live performances that I would edit, color correct, check audio, before putting the content on our youtube channel. I created the graphics for the thumbnails and posted these videos to the CBG account.